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Program Descriptions

Our Two & Three Year Olds
The imagination of your typical two and three year old is developing right along with their ability to think conceptually.  Pretending and fantasizing become a huge part of their learning styles at this age. Providing them with a dynamic environment that enhances their natural curiosity is done through dramatic play and hands on experiments that utilize all five senses. Introduction to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, nursery rhymes, and other age appropriate skills, will greatly assist in developing a strong academic foundation and genuine love for learning. The learning of social rules will be emphasized to aid in the emotional development and interaction with peers.

Our Four & Five Year Olds
Energetic is one way to describe the average four or five year old. Curious about almost everything they come in contact with, these bundles of joy are seeking their independence at almost every opportunity. Providing lessons that enable the flame of curiosity to be ignited will be accomplished through exercises that will utilize visual modeling of the academic unit. Hands on learning through, a multitude of academic concepts, is the primary method of teaching that will allow for maximum comprehension. A deeper level of learning is provided for this age group which involves math, science, literacy, and social/emotional development.

Additional Features at RSA

Meals & Snacks Provided
Good nutrition is important for everyone, but especially for children. Food intake in children is a critical aspect of a child's growth and development. Eating the right food not only makes a child healthier, but also makes them more stable, and has been shown to improve school performance. RSA provides each student with a PEANUT-FREE breakfast, lunch, morning snack, and afternoon snack each day. All meals comply with the guidelines of the Child and Adult Care Food Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  


Extra Curricular Activities
Providing children with an array of opportunities is a primary focus at Right Start Academy. Extra curricular activities that are provided include music & movement classes, physical fitness classes, preschool yoga sessions, field trips, and in-house activities. 

Video Monitoring

Right Start Academy has an extended open door policy. We feel it is important for parents to be able to drop in and see how their child any time while in our care. To help ensure the safety of your child, video cameras are installed in all classrooms for management observation at any time. 

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